Feeling Happy...


It's funny how an unexpected day off of school and work can make one almost giddy with happiness. We got the word this morning that due to the dangerously cold weather we will be having, all of the area schools will be closed tomorrow.  Which meant that I made us a "there's no school tomorrow" celebration (gluten-free) cake this morning, for us to enjoy this evening.

It also meant that I ran into town to get some other special goodies (as well as some necessities) including some bubbles for Zoey to experiment with for when the temp's drop.

I snapped a picture of our neighbors snowman before he turns into an ice can't really tell but he has an icicle mohawk and they used wine corks for his face.  They have grown children.  They are awesome.

And for those that might be concerned about our dear pet Leo...he's ready and set for the cold snap that's coming too...Zoey has made sure of it.  She's thinking that anytime that he needs to go out tomorrow to attend to business he might need to wear one of her sweatshirts.  I'm sure he would be mighty pleased with that offer.

As of right now Ethan is watching the Packers play, Zoey's playing on Webkinz World and I'm planning our dinner which will be homemade pizzas.  I love days like this and knowing we have tomorrow to call our own as well means it's an unexpected and very happy day.

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