Snapshot of Everything Zoey...


She's loving making rubber band bracelets.  The name brand loom for these is the Rainbow Loom but we got an off brand at Walgreens and it works just great.  I have to admit too...I've been making some as well and they are addicting and fun!  There are tutorials on how to make different kinds on YouTube.  Zoey has successfully mastered the making of the fishtail bracelet.

She is still listening to 1 Girl Nation...

and enjoys music from the soundtrack of the movie Frozen.

And this is the song that she is currently dancing to in her dance will be for their jazz dance in the spring recital (is what she thinks).

She is devouring the Harry Potter books and is currently on the third one.  We are letting her watch the movies once she finishes the book.  It's fun to watch her enjoy something that both Ethan and I did as well.

She is watching episodes from the television series H2O Just Add Water (televised in Australia)...she LOVES them!  I have to admit too that they are really fun shows and the girls are very likable characters.  Wish they had these shows on over here.

When she's on the computer she is most likely playing on Webkinz's fun because she can meet up with a real life friend in their house or a clubhouse or some other place in the Webkinz World and play using their pets as their persona of sorts.  There is lots to do in Webkinz much that I wouldn't even know where to start if asked to share!  She will sometimes be on the phone with her friend while playing so they know where to "meet up" online.  So crazy!

Here is Zoey's collection of Webkinz animals.  Starting from the back it's Lily, Giggles (dinosaur), Chocolate Chip, Baby Love Button, Bubblegum, and Sunshine...all named by her.  She got Chocolate Chip from her Grannie Annie, Lily from Ethan and I, Baby Love Button and Bubblegum from me and then she purchased Giggles and Sunshine on her own.  We've discovered recently that our Ace Hardware store sells them for a very nice price (the cost of two was less than one from another store!) so she got the canary for $2.67 and the dinosaur for $4.99!

She is currently loving bubble baths.  She read in one of her American Girl books that it's a good way to relax and she's been taking at least 3 a week.  

Another current love of Zoey's (and one that has been a constant since his existence) is her dog Leo. She loves taking pictures of him, cuddling with him, teasing him and sometimes bothering him.  She also enjoys taking care of him.  Today was his bath day which was not fun for him but fun for us!

He doesn't look very happy does he?

Oh well...we couldn't stand that he was smelling like old peanuts any more.  Now he smells like oatmeal and oranges.

And then because we felt badly about making him smell all pretty we got him a toy (pink!) which he promptly destroyed.

That's a pretty accurate snapshot of Zoey's life right now, at age 9, half way through her 4th grade year.  She still loves her dolls (American Girl dolls), Science, playing with Legos, reading, her teachers and has a few really special friends to call her own that have seen her through some tough times already.  She loves spending time at home with her family and sending emails to people.  She still loves fairies and has added mermaids to that list.  She loves playing mystery and detective, playing dress-up and running.  And still LOVES to dance.

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