We Moved.

Pretty crazy how it all came to pass...but we did it.  All of June took up our leaving and going and now we are here and settled.  The other night I said to Ethan, "Remember the night before we had to make the decision if we were going to do this and we were up until well after 1 in the morning and we still really didn't know if we should do this?  I am so glad that we did this!"  

So far, it's worked out.

This move was so incredibly hard for us...financially, the physical part and the stress of my working while it's happening didn't help, but at each turn of events (there have been many interesting twists) we (Ethan and I) would look at each other and both agree to keep moving forward.  Lack of sleep on both of our parts over the weight of each decision. Scary meant something was changing and change is good...right?

Change is good. Tonight was the first night that Ethan I both were able to sit outside on the deck and sigh a sigh of relief AND of contentment.  The birds were singing and butterflies flying.  It was perfect. It was the reality of something before our eyes that we have only pictured for so very long. Our garden is growing.

All the tough get to here...has been so worth it.  I'm glad we waited for THIS.  For NOW.

Zoey finally has a run and dance and play in.

And we couldn't have made this move without some help from friends.  This is the new A-Team...all the way.

Thank you.  Ethan's co-workers and friends...we couldn't have done it without you.  And so we don't forget...not pictured here is our new neighbor Steve Black who helped move in the washer and dryer AND who adjusted Ethan's back and neck after the move was all over with.  There are so many good people in this world and we have been blessed to have been put in their path. This has seriously been quite the adventure.  
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