You are Happy...

I created a scrapbook layout with some fun photos from when Z and I went to the playground here a while back. It's fun printing photos and putting them to use right away, it's been awhile since I've printed photos and I'm discovering I have quite a selection to pick and choose from to play with creatively now. I will choose to look at that as being something positive rather than overwhelming.

Journaling reads: If there is one thing I know to be true for you, it's that you are most happy when busy playing.

It's been so long since I have bought supplies that I don't even know what's "new" or "cutting edge" anymore in the industry! There was a time when I knew what line a supply was upon sight alone...that was when I was designing for companies. So much has changed since then I am sure!

I've been blessed to have a nice chunk of time today to spend getting back into my creative groove...partly due to this one spending some time being creative as well. Before working here across from me at my desk she was taking pictures of her dolls in different set-ups and poses.

She may be a bit like her mama...all I know is that today, we were both happy.

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