Snapshots from December


It's been a wild and crazy ride with a bit of sickness thrown in for good measure but we're here and ready for Christmas!

I know that this year...working more for me has meant that I treasure that time that I do have to spend with Zoey and at home even more. So thankful for the days that I have off that Ethan and Zoey are home as well. Blessed.

Coming home and seeing this greet me helps. Love our little home in our big woods.

Baking has been happening...gluten free all the way AND they taste good! YAY!

So happy that I found some GF recipes that fit the bill. So thankful for my kitchen helper as usual. Ethan even stepped in at the end to help frost a couple of cookies. 

So happy that I have my favorite Peanut Butter Blossom cookies available to eat this year too!! Hooray for small victories in the kitchen!

After all that baking some cuddling was these two.

Zoey has been sure to spend some time outdoors playing in the snow. We've had a couple of days recently when it's been packing snow which sure beats last year when there were like just two!

I love Zoey's gift to us that's under the tree this year. She wrapped it all herself. Such a happy little package!

Today we slept in and once awake we enjoyed pancakes and strawberries (Zoey may have enjoyed some chocolate chips with hers) and watched the movie Eloise at Christmastime in our pajamas. This afternoon we hope to get outside and play in the snow a bit...thinking snowshoeing in the woods would be fun. This evening we will enjoy a candlelight service at church and come home for a simple and cozy dinner as a family. Early to bed this evening since it will be an early morning tomorrow!

We can't wait!

Merry Christmas!

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