Feeling Energized!

Lately I've been feeling I've finally hit that sweet spot of the general groove of things. I'm adjusting to my work schedule, discovering a little balance in between all of our schedules really, and it feels so good!

Perhaps my mood is due to finally being able to see the sun today...I'm not really sure but I'm not going to fight it.

Today I had the rarity of having a day completely to myself (which is very possible the reason of my high spirits as well) and it's been a highly productive day thus far. 

One of my goals for 2015 is to actually utilize Pinterest more...not just to spend time pinning things for a later time but to actually do, create those things, implement the ideas shared, etc. or at the very least, some of them! Last night I pinned this recipe for chicken and wild rice soup and WHILE I was still on Pinterest I took a moment to write down the groceries needed and this morning I stopped at the store after dropping Zoey off at school, came home and started in on making the soup. I cannot wait for dinner time this evening! It smells so good and now we have a ton for the rest of the week for lunch leftovers. Yum!

Also while on Pinterest I pinned a couple of quotes that spoke to me, here are two:

I love this...I love it for myself and I love it for Zoey.

And then there is this one...

This is spot on for me as well. I am done spending energy on people or ideas that are negative, confusing, not up front or filled with good intentions. I am happier when I focus my energies on people that love me and on things and ideas that I love. Plain and simple. My life shall be filled with what it is that I let into it. A truth for all of is our choice on what and where we focus our energies on and what comes into our life and what we let go of.

Back to things I addition to the soup I made this morning I also made a cinnamon vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting. That smells pretty good too.  :)

Perhaps all my cooking and baking today had to do with this gem of a movie that I watched last night:

I loved it. It's been awhile since I've seen a movie that I could recommend to both my mom and dad and this was one for sure. Such a subtle message and I had tears in the end. Sometimes the most difficult journey to make is the one that's the least farthest away. And...there was cooking. Sigh.

To top off the morning I was pumped to see that my scrapbook kit from Scrapbook Circle came in the mail, so the afternoon has been productive in the way of some creative time as well which is a bonus!

I'm off now to take care of some chores here before heading out to pick up Zoey. It's been a great day...I love Mondays. How many people can honestly say that?