Firebird on Fire!

Ethan and I got to go to school with Zoey early this morning for an award ceremony celebrating her school's citizenship award recipients. We got a letter in the mail earlier this week sharing that Zoey had been named as a recipient of the "Firebird on Fire" award for the second quarter of the school year.  

We got to school at 7:30 this morning and met in the library for cinnamon rolls, coffee and juice along with other families and school staff and then enjoyed the presentation of the awards. For each individual child the principal read a nice letter that had been shared from the teacher(s) that submitted the child for the award sharing why it was they were receiving it and words about the student. Each child (upon arrival) was given a Firebird on Fire t-shirt and then when they received their medals they were issued a special certificate, and a poster along with their medal. 

Ethan and I were genuinely touched at the sincerity and thoughtfulness that the staff put forth for each individual child. How wonderful to celebrate an individual in this way! I know that Zoey will not soon forget it!

Here is Zoey up front and center while her principal reads why it is that she was a recipient...

I am so proud of her. She is a shining star in so many ways and I am so thankful for her teachers this year and that they are celebrating who it is that she is. That they are truly helping her to be the best she can be. This school year has been so amazing. My heart is just so happy for Zoey.

Here is the poster that her teachers made and submitted for her...


It reads:

"A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference!" A.A. Milne

Zoey is one of the most polite, sensitive yet stoic little girls we've met. She is patient, attentive, respectful...generous and thoughtful!

Zoey is new to [school] but it didn't take long for her to find a place! She fits right in and we already can't remember what it was like "BZ" (before Zoey) or what it would be like without her! She's a significant part of our school family for many...teachers and peers alike!

Zoey is well-mannered, dependable, and conscientious, quick to include everyone and anyone! She can not tolerate seeing others hurt and is quick to offer empathy, a helping hand or encouragement to any soul.

Zoey takes great pride in her work. She never fails in putting forth a genuine, quality effort, and has yet to miss a deadline or due date!

It is often said that small packages contain the most valuable things. Zoey, like one of those smaller packages, has a grand quality not as obvious as those we've already mentioned...Zoey has a genuine, tender, devotion toward those close to her and makes every new acquaintance without prejudice.

Zoey most of "real"! Her smile is contagious, her face an obvious reflection of her sincerity and her unique sense of compassion! She's content, joyful and grounded!

- Signed her three teachers

It was hard not to tear up a bit when listening to the shining words of her teachers being read by her school principal. I'm sure she'll want me to take a picture of her with her medal later tonight when she's home from play practice and the library.

I am just so very happy for her and for the path that she is on...

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