Meet "Apollo"...


Zoey had it in her head today that she wanted to make a doll. I had things to do and errands to run so we didn't get started in on the project until mid afternoon.

I picked up a two pack of dish towels for $4 and a bag of stuffing at Wal-Mart for $4 and we were set. 

Zoey drew the doll body on one of the towels that we had folded in half and then cut it out. Zoey was going to hand stitch the body and actually started to but we decided that I should machine stitch it up so that it would be more sturdy and since the legs and arms were a bit skinny and therefore trickier to stitch up.

Zoey picked out the button eyes and decided on hand stitching the mouth and found some yarn she wanted to use for the hair. She cut the yarn and in a bundle of three strands each, we knotted the pieces of yarn in the middle and she stitched it on the doll's head. Deciding on how to attach the hair was probably the most difficult part!

She completely designed this doll all by herself! She is so proud and in love with her new doll. It makes my heart so very grandmother Evelyn made dolls and doll clothes and it looks like Zoey is following in her footsteps. 

"Apollo" (named by Zoey) was finished just in time for bedtime so she was able to sleep with Zoey tonight. What a busy (but fun) afternoon. 

We love you Apollo! Welcome home!

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