Scrapbook Layout - This is Where the Story Begins


There are very few scrapbook publications (in print) anymore + that's where I used to get my inspiration from, that + online blogs, forums, galleries, etc. It's interesting to be a privy to the ebb + flow of the crafting industry. Right now things are at a seemingly interesting juncture. People aren't posting on their blogs as much anymore due to Facebook and Instagram, etc., due to the instant gratification of it with minimal effort (I think). I'm discovering though that I truly miss the blogging platform and am so happy to have found my blogging groove again! I'm hoping that my favorite bloggers will continue on as well. It's truly a part of my day that I look forward to...catching up on my favorite blogs. It's a time that I decompress, gather inspiration and feel a little bit a way that I sometimes feel isn't possible in the reality of what it is that my daily life brings.

I had some fun using this free cut from Marie-Pierre that she shared with Get It Scrapped. I love how using all the frames created a little collage styled layout for these pictures. All the supplies used for this layout were from past or present Scrapbook Circle kits.

It feels so good to be regularly scrapbooking again! It's such an ageless craft really. People call it memory keeping, for some it's simply a creative release. It's truly both for me, depending on the day or the motivation. I love (+ so does my family) looking at my blog archives at old layouts, photos, blog posts, etc. It's such a magical thing to be able to look back to an exact moment in time and pull back all of those memories and the stuff that is our life, that has made up our days. Makes me so happy that I've spent the time reflecting + recording. Documenting. It's so worth it.

I've got some more creative projects to share soon!

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