Violet Is the One in the Middle

I've been cleaning and going through rubbermaid containers in the basement this afternoon and discovered a bin filled with old papers from when I was in grade school. It's amazing when I think back to my school days and how there were certain teachers that stood out from the rest. Always for the same reason it seems. They saw me. They took time to understand who it was that I was trying to become and they encouraged me. I would like to think that they saw a little light in me that made me special.  :) 

Mrs. Bergenske (my third grade teacher) was one of those teachers. This is a short story that she wrote about her (our) class going to visit a home for the elderly when I was in the third grade. Violet was my special person. This just brings tears to my eyes to think my teacher wrote this, saw this...shared it. She also encouraged me to submit my writing to publications and got me published three times before the age of 9! Pictured are two of those publications. 

We are truly shaped by so many in this life.

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Susie Bentz: My Time to Play said...

Love this! Brought back memories of my own childhood visits to the Convalescent center in my home town.