A Scrappy Post!


After a bit of a crazy start to the week (Zoey was sick Tuesday - Thursday and I somehow threw out my back Thursday evening) things are slowly realigning themselves (quite literally!). Despite it all I was able to find some time to work on some projects for upcoming blog posts for the SEI blog...above is a peek at one of my layouts using their Forever Sassy collection

Also wanted to share that they are offering their Noteworthy collection of memory journals at a discount of 50% off right now! That is a pretty awesome deal!

And something that isn't really scrapbook related but still falls into the crafty department...a friend was getting rid of an old school desk (something that I've been looking for) and I snatched it up from her at a super good deal thinking I would paint it. After looking it over I decided that I will paint it but not until summer when I can either do it outdoors or crack some windows. So in the meantime, I altered the belly of the desk by adhering some book tape, washi tape and some fabric trim! I love how it turned out! It looks great in my craft room and Zoey has already moved in some of her craft supplies. It will be a perfect spot for her to stash some of her stuff and to "work."

I'm hoping my back feels better tomorrow so we can do something fun as a family...and I'm hoping to get a little crafting in as well! So thankful for a co-worker that is working for me tomorrow so I can hopefully get my back figured out. Back pain isn't fun!

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