Sledding Fun!


Today Zoey and I woke up and decided that we should go sledding. It's going to get bitter cold again here this week so I thought it was a pretty good idea if we followed through with this idea. Zoey had been telling me about a hill behind her school for awhile now so that's where we were headed...we stopped and picked up a friend and were set!

Approaching the hill I was thinking to myself that it really wasn't a big hill at all...climbing to the top of it though and then realizing that the sledding path was behind the hill and that it was considerably steeper than what the front of the hill revealed was a fun discovery! I may have screamed the entire time that I went down the hill on my first time.

It was pretty windy on top of the hill so I was glad I had the thought to pack hot chocolate. The girls were happy to have something warm in-between runs.

 We had so much glad we took advantage of a day that was above zero!!

Zoey eventually discovered that going backwards allowed her to be able to breathe...she said that she couldn't catch her breath going down the hill facing forwards because she would fly so fast!

Such a great time! All of our faces got a little wind burned I think. After our sledding adventure we went out for lunch and the girls got pancakes. I'd say that was a pretty good deal all around. 

Back to school and work tomorrow! Glad we got to play today.

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