Easter 2015


This has been the most low key Easter ever. After a week of of not feeling the best, Zoey and I ended up in urgent care Saturday morning. I'm so very glad that I went in because it turned out the Zoey had a pretty bad ear infection and I had a sinus infection! We both left with a prescription for Amoxicillin and a feeling of relief (in anticipation of feeling better). 

We went home, took our first dose and then quietly decorated our eggs...because it was Easter after all. Since we were pretty tired and had no anticipation of doing anything else other than this we took our time on our eggs this year. They might be my favorite ones ever.

I love her spirit...even when she's sick she gives it her all. Love you Zoey.

Fast forward to Sunday morning, Zoey still woke up early (some things just don't change, even if you're sick!) to look for her basket. The bunny left clues again this year, though thankfully kept things close to home. 

What a generous bunny! He left treats, things to help build a fairy house outdoors when the weather cooperates and a beautiful fairy queen barbie.

After hunting for the basket Zoey spent the morning with the heating pad to her ear. :( We took it easy and I think the most exciting thing we did was some coloring.

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Sunday evening Zoey went to bed with little to no ear pain (thank goodness) and woke up this morning feeling pretty good with her ear but still has her cough and cold symptoms (just like me). I'm starting to feel a bit better but am still quite congested. I'm looking forward to my energy returning one of these's been a long week!

Oh...and then we woke up this morning to this:

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Happy spring!

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