Some SEI Project Sneaks...


I had some fun creating this month's projects and wanted to share a couple of quick sneaks before they are up fully on the SEI blog here this month.

I'll of course be sure to share them in their entirety once they are up! And just a hint of things to come...there may be a giveaway coming up here on the blog so be sure to stay tuned!

Things have been so busy here lately. With my working, Ethan doing some freelance work and Zoey attending a theater day camp/workshop for the past three weeks (this being her last week) we've all been running circles around one another! We've been determined to carve out moments for fun when possible here this summer, though difficult at times, it's something that's important for the three of us since during the school year it just simply does not happen as much as we want.

Zoey will be in three performances of the play that they've been practicing this weekend. She's had so much fun and enjoyed getting to learn more about the craft of acting itself as well as getting to meet new friends. I'm so happy that she has found something else that she is interested in and passionate about. Hoping she can continue partaking in things like this.

The summer if flying by, I can't believe we're already over half way through! There are so many things yet to try to do before we have to start thinking in school mode.

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