Birds of a Feather Design Team & August Kit!


I'm so excited to share that I'm officially a "Scrap Chic" at Birds of a Feather Scrapbook Kit club! With the approaching school year (that's sadly almost upon us!) it means that I will have a bit more time for holing up here at home in my craft room and crafting again. I have to admit that I am looking forward to this part of the start of school...but I will certainly MISS having Zoey around to hang out and have fun with!

That said, I'm super excited to get started in on creating with the Birds of a Feather scrapbooking kits! The one for August is already in my hands and I've been itching to play with it ever since it landed on my doorstep! To see a listing of everything that's included in this month's kit check out the complete detailed listing here. For my scrapbook friends that enjoy chatting in an online forum type of setting, be sure to check out the Hen House for some chatting fun and to stay up to date on all that's happening at Birds of a Feather and what's coming up for the next month's kit. We need to liven this place up!

I've had the past few days off of work here and I've enjoyed the down time as I was working non-stop leading up to this little break and needed the time to chill. We took advantage of our time together as much as we could with a day of swimming and another one canoeing and also bit the bullet and purchased a much needed washer and dryer. Yippee...we finally have a working set! The past few months Ethan and I have come up with some interesting ways of finagling our old set to get by. It will be so nice to go into the new school year with the knowledge that we will be able to wash and dry clothes whenever we wish!

Off now to go do a load of laundry since it's back to work for me tomorrow! Hoping to do a little crafting yet this evening too! 
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