An Afternoon of Noticing...


I recently read a quote and it's quickly become a favorite.

"The things that will make us happiest are usually right in front of our faces...but we stop noticing those things after awhile. Today is a great day to start noticing again." - Brave Girls Club 

So that's what I've been trying to make a point to do.

Today was the most beautiful day that we've had in awhile. The weather was cool without being outright brisk and yet the sun was shining down on us. Perfect weather for a hike and an afternoon of exploring.

We hiked along a path near the Willow Flowage and ended up veering off and taking a deer path at one point in hopes of getting to see the water.

Once through the deer path we had to walk across tons of driftwood. It was pretty cool.

And wow, was it worth it.



When it was time to go Zoey said, "But I don't want to leave." and I had to agree with her. What an amazing spot. After looking at a map of the Willow Flowage we determined we must have been at Slaughterhouse Bay. It was a prime example of untouched beauty if ever I saw it.

At the end of our hike we happened upon these...

What a great day.

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