Zoo Boo 2015


Nothing gets us ready for Halloween quite like getting to go to Zoo Boo! Our local zoo does such a great job along with the community putting this event together for the kids...we always have so much fun.

This year Zoey and I met up with some good friends and then ran into more while at the Zoo Boo.

Zoey got to pose with Darth Vader which was pretty cool.

It was fun to get to see the animals too since we didn't end up getting to visit the zoo this summer!

I could tell this year though that Zoey is getting older. When in the car afterwards she asked, "Why wasn't it as fun this year mom?" and "Why didn't (insert friend name here) dress up?" Growing up is so bittersweet.

I am so glad that for now at least, she is still choosing fun over the idea of growing up too fast.

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