Christmas 2015


[Post written and posted 10/21/16 after Zoey informed me that we hadn't posted Christmas 2015 photos on my blog. Yikes!]

It was a white Christmas after was so nice to see some freshly fallen snow on the branches of the trees on Christmas Eve Day.

This was a busier year than in the past for some reason...we were decorating our sugar cookies as you can see at the very last minute. Zoey was determined to have Santa get some of our cut-out cookies!

And he came all right! It was a magical night...and the morning was even more so!

Zoey got up around 5:30am to check out the tree. She is one determined little girl! She dragged Leo out of bed too...which is no easy feat. He's a lazy and sleepy pup!

Here are some pictures from our Christmas Day...

The day after Christmas we went sledding at an area sledding hill that is pretty awesome. It was so very cold though...our faces are all bright pink!

It was a very nice Christmas this year at home. And I will never, ever...ever forget to post our Christmas photos again. I promise Zoey! 
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