Halloween 2016


Today we picked up some of Zoey's friends after school and headed over to our church for some Trunk-or-Treating fun...since Zoey was a mad scientist this year for Zoo Boo she decided to be something else for actual Halloween Trick-or-Treating, she opted to be an Aerospace Engineer.

We met up with some other friends while Trunk-or-Treating which is pretty much what it's all about!

Bonus of Trunk-or-Treating is that you get some yummy homemade treats once in awhile too (ones that you know are safe to eat!).

I was happy to get a picture of Zoey and her old friend Daniel. I'm pretty sure that we went to our first Trunk-or-Treat ever with this guy.

After Trunk-or-Treating we headed downtown to Trick-or-Treat at our local area businesses. Our community is so very spread out that there aren't enough true neighborhoods for kids to go Trick-or-Treating so this is what we do instead.  It's kind of funny for me to think about Zoey not knowing what it is to go Trick-or-Treating at dusk and in the dark around her hometown, but it is what it is and we are thankful to the businesses that participate.

Our local frozen yogurt shop gave away as much free frozen yogurt and toppings you could eat! This was a pretty cool stop!

And I think that it's safe to say that Zoey is not lacking in the candy all!

Hope you had a happy and safe Halloween!