Happiness + Scrapbooking + a Little Bit of Life

Gosh. I'm having fun getting back into this hobby. I'm allowing myself the indulgent gift of time. Time to sit at my desk for no other reason than to be inspired. Inspired by perusing old blogs that were favorites and discovering new ones. Inspired by old magazines. Inspired by my supplies that have been sitting and patiently waiting for me to come back to them. It's exciting I tell you!

I think that Zoey telling me that she missed seeing our previous years' Christmas photos on my blog here combined with the fact that I caught her looking through old scrapbook albums with a wistful look on her face almost gave me the permission that I needed (without knowing so) to go ahead and get back to this business of memory keeping.

I was talking to Ethan about how good it feels to be blogging again as well as scrapbooking and shared with him that when I was scrapbooking on a regular basis and working here and there for manufacturers or kit clubs or submitting to magazines consistently I felt like my most authentic self. I have missed this. It's been almost 6 months since I've been creative in this way and it's a bit like a period of mourning went by. Mourning consisting of job responsibility changes, subtle changes in lifestyles, everyone growing a bit older, change in general is sometimes tricky business. It's almost as though I am feeling myself thawing as though I've been hardened the past several months. It's so easy for me to brush off this hobby and tell myself that it's silly or indulgent when in fact it's something that really matters to me and to my family. It's interesting how the seasons in our lives affect all these different little pockets throughout all of our days. was the perfect pumpkin carving day the other day, and it was the perfect evening for scrapbooking so...