Some Evening Crafting...


Is it strange that I am feeling giddy this morning sharing these photos of a simple scrapbook layout that I put together last night? Because, well...I am! It feels like the last several months I've just had enough time to look longingly at my scrapbook stash and wonder if I would ever have the time or energy (or reason - sometimes in the past I have felt like I needed to be working for a manufacturer or a kit club to have an excuse to take the time to create...silly, I know) to work on something creative ever again.

The thing is...I LOVE memory making and memory keeping. I always, always will. Sometimes I tell myself that I'm too busy, or Zoey's too old for me to be recording things in this way...but in my heart of hearts I know that to be untrue. I love looking back at old photos and all of my old scrapbook layouts. And Zoey does too. Just a couple of nights ago she came into my room and said, "Mom, I was looking at your old blog posts and I don't think you have last year's Christmas photos on there." She was really upset and concerned that we wouldn't have those to look back on, which made me realize that blogging isn't silly and my scrapbooking and memory keeping certainly isn't either. It matters.

So with that, I think it's safe to say that I'm back. And it feels oh so good! 

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It's My Life said...

Glad to see and read your posts. I missed getting your updates in my email!