Closet Refresh Challenge

In My Closet - February

For whatever reason my closet remains to be one of the most severely neglected areas in my life. I have no problem purchasing nice clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. for my 12 year old daughter (who will grow out of these items!!) but for whatever reason I seem to have the hardest time spending money on myself! I'm challenging myself this year to stop putting myself on the back burner when it comes to clothing. Granted, it's very difficult finding clothing that looks nice, is of good quality and fits where I live. We just don't have shopping around our area. I've been on the lookout for some style ideas online and happened upon a few blogs that I think are really going to help me out with my personal challenge.

Teal and Polka Dots 
Putting Me Together

The photos these ladies share alone are enough to inspire some serious wardrobe changes for me. I'm the type that if something fits, I'll buy it...without taking into account whether or not I have something that will go with it already in my closet. I also tend to wear things just one way, I don't play with stuff and I tend to wear my outfits completely out until they are way beyond being done and over with. I have clothing from when I was in high school...and I'm approaching 40! Shoes are another story altogether. I hardly have any...the ones that I do have I wear all the time, again...until they are worn out. I've had a pair of black Dansko clogs that I've worn to work for the last 5 years and both soles are completely split across, but I still wear them. Why?

The goal is to refresh my closet a bit, a little here and there. Perhaps a couple items every month or so or as my budget will allow. (That's another thing, I really don't have a lot of income that is disposable so I'll have to be savvy when it comes to shopping sales).

For the month of February this is what I got to start my closet makeover. I tried to get smart, functional items but also some things that I never would have looked at previously. I'm trying to dress more authentically rather than to just throw something on that fits.

I was able to purchase all of the items on sale. The clothing items were all found at Loft during their 40% off sale and I had a $25 off code on top of free shipping. I had never purchased anything from Loft before and was just trying them out based on blog posts shared by Erin at Teal and Polka Dots. I am SO GLAD that I tried them out! I got the order in the mail today and EVERYTHING...every, single, thing fits!!! This NEVER happens for me. I'm just so tickled and I know that I will wear these things...the black skinny leggings will force me to be a little bit braver than usual, but I feel so good in them, I know I will do it. I can't wait until I have a little bit more spending money so I can make another purchase from Loft again. I just love their clothing. The boots were a belated Christmas/birthday (and we'll throw Valentine's Day in there too!) gift to myself and were purchased from J.Jill during their 30% off sale where I also had a code for free shipping as well. I feel like these purchases are smart purchases that I'll be able to mix and match a bit with things I already own. I'm thinking that I'll wear my blue jean jacket over that cute dress and maybe that short sleeve tee too. The button down shirt I can layer or wear alone and can wear with pants, jeans or skirts. I'm so excited! 

I can't wait to start bookmarking favorite fashion finds for next month!
Ashley Cooper said...

I do the same thing. I will sew or buy something for my kids before myself so this year I have already got a head start in sewing myself a few things. It has definitely made a difference in how I feel when I actually get dressed. I love it!

Aubrey said...

I ALWAYS hear this from my friends, they love shopping for their kids but then they don't do it enough for themselves! I tell them (because I love to shop for their kids too) that if women's clothing stores were more like Gymboree, where you can buy things that coordinate with your entire collection, we'd all buy more clothes.