Hello Today | Scrapbook Layout


I took Zoey to the movie Hidden Figures on Saturday and wow...I'm so glad that I did! I knew I wanted to see it with her, just wasn't sure if it would end up being at the theater or when it came out on DVD. So glad that we got to see it on the big screen. Very good!! I cried and cried and cried. Zoey loved the movie so much...saying over and over that she loved it. I think it's an important one to take your sons and daughters to. Very powerful for so many different reasons!

I was able to eek out a bit of creative time this afternoon after helping Zoey with a paper that she had to write for her dance class. These are some photos that I knew I wanted to scrap at some point. All papers and supplies are from my stash of old supplies. I'm having fun just mixing things up!

Now I'm off to start on dinner and perhaps watch the Super Bowl commercials! :) Happy Sunday!