Summer Road Trip - Mount Rushmore & Crazy Horse Memorial


In addition to visiting the Badlands we took in the traditional tourist fair including visiting Mount Rushmore which was cooler than I expected due to the hike we were able to take leading up to it. The hike was probably my favorite part.

We also were sure to visit the Crazy Horse Memorial site which was amazing! We watched a documentary before going out to the viewing site on the history of this place and process and it pretty much blew us away. Very special stop.

They are still working on the site and if you look closely you can see the outline of where the head of the horse will be. Also, the hole that is beneath his arm took a decade to blow out. Pretty amazing and really helps to put things into perspective! There is some great information to be found here on the history of this place and those that are/were responsible for caring for it and making it happen.

At the end of the social dances that this mother and daughter performed we (all the people on the viewing deck) were asked to stand and form a circle, holding hands. Listening to her husband drumming, we all danced in a circle showing our thanks and declaring friendship to our earth and neighbors. With the gentle wind and the drumming and the view it's safe to say it was a pretty sacred and magical moment. Definitely the highlight of the visit to Crazy Horse.

To see my album of photos from these visits check out my album below.  (Hover your mouse over the photo and click on the arrows to see the next photo.)

Summer Road Trip - Mount Rushmore, Crazyhorse