Afternoon Hike


Yesterday Zoey and I took the afternoon off (after she completed her school work for the day!) and went for a hike near South Trout Lake. We discovered all sorts of special "new to us" spots. Like this little area where this stream met up with the lake. So quiet and beautiful...we'll have to go back with a picnic lunch.

It was so nice to get out of the house and spend time outdoors. We've all been sick for well over a week...we're actually still not feeling the best (congested, stuffed up, etc.) but yesterday I just couldn't stand to be in the house for one more minute!

I had some fun taking some special photos of Zoey too, we happened upon a cute little bridge and it was deemed the perfect spot for some impromptu portrait-taking.

I think they turned out pretty well considering they weren't planned.

Right before leaving we made a quick stop in the car at a place where I saw a little spot to park alongside the small, one-way road we were on and found the perfect spot for putting in kayaks...which just means we'll have to be sure to make it out this way again in the very near future.

Betsy said...

You so made me want to go there! Beautiful words and photos as always. ��