First Day | Scrapbook Layout


I had a little "alone" time this evening after I was done with work. Ethan was away working at the homecoming game and Zoey was at a friend's house for a sleepover. This meant once I was done with work at six I rushed and got groceries, got home and put them all away, walked and fed the dog and then made myself a quick dinner. Washed dishes, folded the load of laundry that I had put in the dryer before work this morning and then I SCRAPBOOKED! I turned on my little radio down in my craft room, enjoyed a cup of tea, printed some photos and got to it! Felt so very good.

I actually started out looking at this layout by Jung Ahsang for my inspiration and then obviously, you can see I started veering off on my own. Love looking at scrapbook layouts of those I admire for inspirational jumping off points! 

Hoping to get a little more crafty time in here before the weekend is through! It feels so good to spend time in my craft room again.