If the Creek Don't Rise by Leah Weiss - Book Recommendation


I work at a library, and while I know you are never to judge a book by it's cover...I usually do. While putting books away in new fiction the other day, this book stood out. I picked it up, opened it up to the first page and read the first few sentences. Took it home thinking it would be an easy read, one that would keep my interest, something entertaining. 


Wow, wow, wow! Beautifully written book, so very tender and such a small, yet profoundly huge story. The characters are so well thought out and captured (I LOVE Birdie...heck, I love them all except for Roy!) as well as the landscape that is woven's just so special. 

Might make my top 5 books for those favorites that pull on the heartstrings and are most memorable to me. Highly recommend!

Happy reading!