Apple Picking!


This past weekend we visited an area apple orchard (one that's about an hour away from us) and got a big bag of Macintosh apples to bring home. There is nothing like fresh, tart, apples that you picked yourself from an orchard in the fall!

As soon as we got to the orchard we hiked it out to the apples asap, as rain was on the horizon. I'm happy to say that we were able to pick our apples while escaping the rain!

Here is Ethan and Zoey posing in front of the corn field...something we don't see around home.

Of course, tradition while picking apples is taste testing them as well. We all did some testing.

And here is my not so little pumpkin in the pumpkin patch! Once upon a time she was smaller than that pumpkin!! Sure is crazy how time flies.


After our apple picking adventure we hiked a bit in a state park that was nearby. Since the weather was a bit sketchy, it was pretty quiet, which was actually pretty nice.

It was cool, and slightly misting and we could hear the geese as they flew by. They took turns diving into the water and then flying in v formation back in forth almost as though they were putting on a show for us.

There was also a playground so Zoey and I took some time to spend on the swings. Love this girl and love that she still has time (and the desire) to spend time with little old me.

It was a great weekend...kinda sad that it's over. It's so rare that we all get to spend time together these days it seems.