Happy Halloween!


Just sharing photos these kiddos so much! They are such good friends, so very thankful that they each have one another. So important to have someone that you can trust and who knows how to have fun...even at the age of thirteen!

These two are both in love with the Beatles, any old music really and of course fashion from the 60s, 70s and even 80s!

They came up with their clothing ensembles completely on their own (knowing they wanted to go with the 60s theme) and it was a surprise when they saw one another and it's funny how perfectly they go together for not pre-planning or coordinating anything!

This was the first year that Zoey went out "trick-or-treating" on her own, without a parent. I dropped her off with her friend and they went around together, stopping in at another friend's house for a bit.

Afterwards we enjoyed some food and good conversation with some friends and called it a night. Zoey said it was her favorite Halloween ever. I wonder if getting to exercise some newfound independence had something to do with that.

Such a fun Halloween! So glad that she still wanted to dress-up and have fun with friends. That's what it's all about. Always. No matter what your age.

Happy Halloween!