The Start of my Soulbook


I am so excited to be participating in the Soulbook Gathering Experience that is being hosted by Brave Girls Club/Brave Living and Melody Ross. I put my album together using sheets of cardboard measuring 6 x 9 that I cut from a large box that was going out in our recycling and created the book using tape and then mod podge for all the papers and other odds and ends.

You can participate in this project and learn more here if interested. You can do this alone, or alone while being part of the online Facebook group or you can set up your own gathering experience in your home with friends or people in your community.

Here are my first two pages that I just finished up last night. You can see, in the picture below, that my glue isn't quite yet dry on my orange trim but I was excited to share my images and couldn't wait.

I love, love, love, taking a little bit of time for myself in this way. Especially right now when times are pretty frustrating and there is much to worry about in our world. I have been craving some time and space in my world for introspection and for self-care. To know that women and girls around the world are taking part in this as well is soothing to the heart.