You 2 | Scrapbook Layout


I've been having some fun printing older photos and playing with them. I went through a pretty lengthy phase where I wasn't good about printing photos, scrapbooking or blogging. Makes me sad to look back and see that there weren't very many posts last year compared to previous years! My wake up call was realizing that my family missed looking back on my blog as well! I'm so happy to be making memory keeping a priority again, and if that means I go backwards to ensure some photos from the past make their way on to my pages, so be it!

These photos are from last's kind of always a tradition that our dog Leo gets in on the action when we rake and jump in leaf piles. It's kind of cute.

We are almost due to start raking here this year. Though, we've been having rain here off and on which makes it hard to get outside to actually take care of things! Hoping to get to it soon.