Birthday Love!


My birthday was last week. Since I worked a long day on my actual birthday, I tried to enjoy the day before a little bit more than I would have had usually while working on school with Zoey at the same time. That looked like listening to music while she did schoolwork. In between helping her with math, I cut out some paper snowflakes to decorate our windows. Pretty crazy right?

They look so festive though from both inside and outside. Little things like this make my heart happy.

Here is Zoey and Leo taking a study kind of cracks me up that they look like they are intentionally posing alike.

I also managed to bake a sugar-free, gluten-free cake that looks a little less than appealing but that was actually delicious! It was a new recipe that I tried for a cinnamon butter bundt cake. After baking you poked holes all over the cake and poured a glaze over the top to soak in. It was amazing! I added some flowers for a topper just to make it look special.

On my actual birthday I was spoiled with special messages from friends and family. I was the recipient of visits from two special friends too! One right away in the morning while I was still at home, and then the other friend stopped in to the library just before closing. It helped to make my passage beyond forty a little less brutal.