Books in my Library Basket


I have joined the masses and am again participating in the Goodreads 2019 reading challenge. I had joined last year but didn't really take care to follow through and post all of the books that I read onto the app so didn't end up with a very accurate snapshot of what I read throughout the year. This year Zoey has had to start keeping a reading list for her English/Lit class so I thought I would join her! This challenge is the perfect thing to help me keep track. I've already read seven books out of my goal of one hundred.

My system for what I'm going to read pretty much can be summed up by checking out suggestions on an online Facebook book group that I belong to (I've gotten so many amazing suggestions from this group!) and making sure to add books that I see come through the library that look interesting on my hold list. Working at a library definitely has it's perks! It usually means however that I always have stacks of books around the house. I have a "book basket" for myself in which I put my library books that are "to be read books' and then usually have one or two on my bedside table.

Right now I'm finishing up reading When Crickets Cry by Charles Martin. It is so, so good!! Highly recommend it, it's just beautiful.

This weekend has been a cold one here. We're looking at -0 temps so cuddling up with a good book is pretty much required!