Be There Scrapbook Layout


Today Zoey has a friend over and they've been keeping busy with finishing up their school work for the day (she's also homeschooled), doing some exploring outside in the woods and baking up some peanut butter cookies. Right now they are taking a break and watching a movie. While they've been keeping busy I had a little time to finish up this layout that I had started the other day. I used some items from the Habit themed Story Kit from Ali Edwards Design, Inc. and the acrylic words are ones that I had in my stash.

I was inspired with this design for my page after seeing a scrapbook layout created by someone that I follow on Instagram @liebstesleben and her page that I was inspired by is this one. As you can see my page ended up looking quite a bit different when it comes to the design, but that's usually the case when I'm inspired by something as a jumping off point.

I'm off now to see what the girls are up to and to take care of the laundry. Hoping you are enjoying a little time doing something you love today!