Favorite Places to Find Inspiration for Your Scrapbook Pages


I saw this posted on's Instagram account the other day and I love it so much because it is so very true! One of the things that I love about scrapbooking is how just the simple act of sitting down, and taking time to engage and think about the people and events that make up my life remind me of how truly special this life is. It's something that is therapeutic to my soul.

So, in case someone reading this blog may be on the fence about starting in on this hobby. It is so worth it! For this reason and also for the community of individuals that have come into my life via online message boards and facebook groups has brought so much goodness and joy into my life. Crafters and memory keepers are such a supportive and fun bunch!

Some of my favorite scrappy online hangouts to find community and inspiration these days include the following:

A Cherry On Top 
Scrappy Like a Fox
Craft The Story™ With Ali Edwards
Live Life Create Art
Scrapbook and Cards Today
and then of course I follow the many scrappy and inspirational Instagram accounts too! Where is your current favorite place to hang out online for crafty inspiration?