Week in the Life Update (Sunday + the Start of Monday)


Sharing the start of my WITL album. As I had mentioned earlier in my previous post I decided to go ahead and use an album that I already had in my stash for this year's WITL project. It was just a basic chipboard album which I painted black using acrylic paint. For the cover I added the day of the week rubber embellishments along with two cork stars.

I'm kind of using a formula so far for my album but am not being too strict about it because I'm realizing that depending on how I take my photos they may or may not fit the way I plan for them to. I'm finding that I'm having to make a conscious effort to take more images vertically. My go-to for snapping pics is taking the horizontal shot.

I'm also kind of struggling with slowing down while living life to actually take photos of it while it's happening. Might sound funny, but it takes TIME to slow down and document stuff as it's happening. Sunday and Monday I did a pretty good job of this but yesterday (Tuesday) I didn't do so great. Zoey ended up getting sick and I had stuff I needed to work on for work this week and I just didn't get as many pictures as I had hoped.

I'm loving my clear transparency pages that separate out the days from one another. Just a simple little thing but it adds something fun to the album I think.

Also, I cut the clear acetate days of the week tags and just have been attaching them to a picture on one of the page spreads with a staple.

I'm still working on Monday's spread but you can see the start of it here.

I'm thinking I won't be able to share more until later this week since it's a pretty busy work week and since Zoey's feeling under the weather. That's life though! Trying to capture the everyday realness as much as possible.