New Year's Day Hike on the Anvil Trail


A friend shared with me quite awhile back that there is a special spot along this trail where in the winter you can luck out and have birds eat right from your hand if you bring sunflower seeds. Zoey and I tried it this fall and didn't have any luck but sure enough...we hiked out this afternoon and the birds found us!

It was so exciting! Both Zoey and I had birds eating from our hats and also from our hands. I think the photo below is can see the bird coming in for a landing on Zoey's head.

We had so much fun but our legs are going to be so sore tomorrow! It's a bit different hiking in the snow than it is just trekking through leaves. 

It sure was a beautiful day for this hike too...almost felt as though we were in Narnia.

There was also a warming shelter along the way and we were pleasantly surprised when we opened up the door to see the remains of a fire that someone started. We hung out for awhile and warmed up our fingers and toes before heading back to the car.

Such an amazing way to start day 1 of 2020!

Feeling blessed.