Creating a Circle Grid Background



Sometimes when I just have one photo but still want to scrapbook a 12 x 12 page I get a little creative in what to do with all of that background space behind the photo. 

In this case I cut nine 3 1/2 inch circles out of color coordinating patterned papers to start to create the base of my background. I pulled most colors from the photo and added a plain colored cardstock border to lock everything into the frame. 

I had fun using my sewing machine to stitch around the circles (if you look closely my stitching isn't perfect and that's ok) and then also stitched around the border of my page as well. 

I had fun finding stickers and other embellishments to add here and there within or just overlapping the outside of the circles and finally added my journaling using strips of text that I printed using my computer and printer. 

A fun little page about our silly dog Leo and how he always wants to go for "big" walks with Zoey and I and then peters out about halfway through and one of us has to carry him home! 

I hope you're having a beautiful week!