just looking back...


Going through some old art journals I came across this doodle...think it was from when I was in p-ville. Kinda strange. I was thinking of how the need for women to fall into society's idea of beauty often times feels or ends up being a trap for the woman herself...something that once is started often is played upon until often times the woman feels chained to the idea of beauty itself or the very things thought as needed to obtain beauty become trappings of some sort, ie. the scarf becoming the snake...anyways, It's fun to recollect what I was thinking at different points in time and to think that Z will go about discovering who she is and what she believes in, in perhaps not so much a different manner than I. I look forward to listening to her discoveries and to help her to exlore her beliefs. I also am preparing to stand aside and watch her grow into the woman that she will become. -j