Went to my first MOPS, (Mothers of Preschoolers) meeting this morning. I was a bit nervous about how Zoey would do as this is the FIRST time that she's been left with strangers ever and she did beautifully! I couldn't believe it! She actually didn't want to leave when it was time to go home. She was in a small nursery with 3-4 other kids close in age and there were 3 adults in charge of the kids, an older gentleman and two elderly ladies, (all volunteers from the church congregation). The gentleman, (Howard), played dinosaurs with Zoey and she loved it! I am so proud of her.

As for me, I really enjoyed the meeting and am so glad that I discovered this group of women and was asked to join. It consists of about a dozen women my age who meet twice a month from 9-11 for meetings, (with the kids in the nursery nearby) and then we all get together for a Mom's night out once a month. The first half of today's meeting consisted of two speakers (Life Coaches) from Pathways coming in to speak with us about the power of loving ourselves before we love others and basically remembering what's important in life-our families and how to try to take time out from every day things to take note of that as well as take care of ourselves. I cannot tell you how the things they were saying touched me. I felt as though they were there to speak specifically to me! :) A good thing for sure! The second half of the meeting consisted of an arts and craft project which was the making of a calendar organizer for the refrigerator. We only got about halfway through the project so we'll finish up next time. Upon bringing it home I'll post a picture of it here, I'm thinking that it's going to turn out nicely.

I can't believe how blessed I have been since moving here. It's like someone has reached into my life and said, "Jenny, it's your turn to be recognized, appreciated and to LIVE your life!" I cannot explain all the goodness that seems to be happening to me here! :) BIG Smiles!