Rum Balls!


So yesterday at work I probably scooped over two hundred chocolate rum ball cookies onto trays to chill before baking. That is something that I never thought that I would do in my lifetime. And I was in the kitchen at the bakery thinking at the time..."and I'm supposed to make five dozen cookies for the cookie exchange for MOP's on top of all my other holiday baking as well as THIS!" No, really it was fun...the entire time I got to talk with the owner of the bakery and I learned that we are quite similar in our beliefs and have some other areas of similar interests as well, (other than baking yummy treats!). Her husband it turns out actually is a writer for the gaming of Dungeon and Dragons. I was pretty impressed, she says that they are self proclaimed interesting nerds and I thought, hmmm...I like this! :) They are big NPR listeners and lovers of good Jazz and love to read books as well. We actually have a lending library now at the bakery which is cool too. Good things.

Just kind of chilling out today catching up on all that got lost in the shuffle of the weekend. I got to talk to my Mom today and they are thinking that they may visit this coming weekend for my birthday...that would be nice. Hope it works out. -j