Sending out a little message!


Got this little down loadable goodie off of the website Lots of fun stuff on that site and I love the messages that they are trying to get out. Things our world needs to hear and address now, in my opinion.

I've added a little list of things that I want to learn, know or do alongside the right column of my blog for reference for myself...something that I will continue to add to as time goes on. It seems as though there are so many things that I mean to ask my loved ones that I want to know more about but for some reason I forget or there isn't time to go down that road or for whatever reason I don't get to ask for the recipe that I want to have or I don't get to hear the stories about my Grandma growing up or I don't share with my Dad that it would be so special for me and mean so much if I could paint in his studio, (just once!). So I thought that maybe if I wrote some of these things down I would be more apt to remember that these are things that I want to get done, have answered or hope to achieve. I'm sure I'll be adding more to this list and I hope to remove items as well! -j

Ann said...

I hope you will learn, discover or do your listed items, Jen.

If you go on your honeymoon, I volunteer to care for Zoey!

Love you!

Jennifer Davis said...

Thanks Ann! :)