sometimes i worry


Did this layout this afternoon while Zoey was napping. Not really happy with the coverage, (or lack of) with the paint...just thought I would try it to see what happened.

Yesterday at work I unwrapped a tray full of brandied fruit cakes to be sold at the bakery after Thanksgiving. Wow...never knew so much effort went into making fruit cake! Each one was wrapped in tin foil, then wrapped in gauze. They had been soaking, (in brandy) since Halloween! My hands were pretty sticky afterwards to say the least. After unwrapping all of them I then re-wrapped them in plastic and then tied each one with pretty coordinating me in the holiday spirit!

It's been really neat for me to talk with the owner of the bakery. This bakery has been a life long dream of hers and it's been a lot of work for both her and her husband but you can see, taste and feel all the joy and rewards that she both feels and reaps due to accomplishing her dream of owning her own place. It's inspiring to be around all that good energy! -j