My Ring


The stone in my wedding ring chipped yesterday...I'm pretty bummed, I wasn't even doing anything worthy of chipping it. I was just walking in the grocery store, swinging my arms and I cracked my hand on one of those metal poles that are in the middle of the aisles and sure enough, I looked down and there was a big chunk out my citrine. We're seeing what it will take to get the stone replaced, but for now we wait. We're actually also inquiring about getting Ethan's band resized as well because it's pretty loose now that he's lost so much weight running. Therefore, due to all of this I checked the website to Voyager's Jewelry, (where we had the rings made) and discovered that my ring is pictured under their custom made rings! That was kind of cool...thought I'd post it here so I can see how beautiful it used to be, Sniff..sniff.. :) -j
Jennifer Davis said...

Just so everyone knows...this is Aerque Quella posting here. Just wanted to be CLEAR about that for further episodes of slander. :) -j

Jennifer Davis said...

Slander 1. the utterance in the presence of another person of a false statement or statements, damaging to a third person's character or reputation: usually distinguished from libel, which is written 2. such a spoken statement-to utter a slander about [slanderer] YOU!