My Little Helper


Blueberry pancakes for breakfast! Can't beat that!
Shhh! Don't tell Ethan, but Zoey and I broke out the Christmas CD's yesterday! I justified it in my head by thinking that we needed to shake things up a bit here for Zoey due to her being sick and therefore things were kind of ho hum around here for the past couple of days. Why not sing about Santa Claus coming to town? Get her (and me) thinking about other exciting things! :)
I think that today we may get to do some holiday shopping downtown. It's a pretty mild day, Grandma Sue Sue isn't coming for the weekend as planned and Zoey's feeling better so we're going to try a little family outing. Maybe stop in some shops that we've never been in yet...a little exploring Zoey style. Maybe a little stop for lunch at the new deli style bakery down the street. Hoping to have a good day! -j
Jennifer Davis said...

Is that ALL you can think of to say Quella! Honestly! :) Had such expectations of you...hope your feeling better! -j