Zoey says...


You needn't do them in this order, but... :)

We think that Zoey is now officially on the mend. This afternoon, (after a good long nap), she woke up wanting to eat something other than popsicles or ice cream and tonight she has been wanting to play little people, bubbles and to listen to music and "be the dancer" again...these are all good things! I'm pretty worn out to tell the's always so hard when she's sick and not feeling well. Looking forward to getting a shower in tomorrow before noon! :) Hugs -j
Ann said...

Way to go, Zoey!

How wonderful to know you recognize the value of reading a good book!

I'm blowing kisses to you; I hope you catch them!

Grannie Annie xo :-) xo xxxxxx (lots of kisses coming your way!) xxxxx