A fun little page that I was able to do last night about Gypsy! The picture was taken by my MIL. So wish that Gypsy could have been around for the move up North, (for those that don't know we had to put her down due to illness)...there are so many times since the move here that I have envisioned her bounding through the snow, stopping every couple of feet to bury her nose in a random snow drift and then I can picture her doing her yank on the rope thing - moving us ahead just another couple of inches, (this part was repeated over and over again) then I see her rolling herself in the snow... completely covering herself in white fluff and snorting her happy dog snort and then the finale would come which consisted of the dance. It always seemed that the colder it was outside, the longer she wanted the walk. Probably the Husky in her! Anyways, just thought I'd share! -j