Happy Birthday Dad!


My Dad's birthday was on Saturday. He is one of my biggest sources of inspiration, feedback and support. Not a day goes by that I do not own the fact that I am who I am because of him, his love and support that he has shown me daily. Many of the life lessons that I adhere to my life as an adult were ever so delicately presented to me by this man when I was a child. He showed me that to be angry didn't mean to be loud or forceful, to love didn't always mean hugs and kisses, and that we all have a soul and that it's worth the fight to discover and protect it. That it's the understanding that everything in life cannot be understood that sometimes makes the path before us make sense. That sometimes the the things that we hold most dear will disappoint or fail us, but that it's no reason to give up but a chance for us to grow, to open our hearts to something new and other windows of opportunity. Thank you Dad... I love you. Jenny