Little People

Shortly after christmas I put the Little People house, (you know those little fisher price people), down in the basement thinking that she's got new toys, there's no room, she's getting older, etc., etc. Well, the house and the Little People are all safe upstairs now in Zoey's room again. And not because of Zoey but because of me. I went and got the house myself. I brought it up to her, I actually said, "Zoey, do you want me to go get the Little People house?" and when she said yes I'd be lying if I said that my heart didn't soar. I missed her playing with them...I don't think she's done with those toys yet. I obviously am not. I can't even tell you how many times I've said that I can't play Little People one more minute with her to Ethan, but here I am encouraging it, even suggesting it! I'm not ready for her to grow up and move on to the next stage of "things" I guess...but I don't think she is either, nor "should" she be. It seems like we are already pushing our kids to "move on to the next thing" to "grow up already." I want her to be creative and she is when she plays with these little plastic figures. They climb ladders and splash into imaginary rivers and build forts out of blocks and books and run from the crocodiles only Zoey can see. I want to keep this moment a bit longer I think. -j
Aaron said...


It's always fun to read your blog. Love it. Cherity and I were looking at pictures of the boys when they were younger. Makes me miss their younger years.

Jennifer Davis said...

Thanks Aaron...yours too! I check it first thing in the morning! Time flies with kids eh? It's funny how it doesn't really hit you until you look back at old photos or have to put away clothes that are too small...or toys that they've outgrown. Sniff..sniff!