A Moley Thanks!

Yesterday I had to go in to get two moles removed, wasn't fun. I thought that I wasn't worrying about it that much but in the middle of the procedure the dr. leaned over me and said, "it's okay to breathe now if you like"...guess I was a bit nervous after all. I had thought that they would use a laser but they used a scalpel! Yuck! It didn't hurt because I was all numbed up but the sound was not enjoyable, (sorry...probably too much information!) I'm glad they are gone, removed but now I'm worrying about what the results will be after they come back from the lab. The dr. seemed concerned with one, more so over the other. Just have to trust that whatever happens I will be able to deal with it. Just don't like the gnawing worry that's in the back of my mind.

I'm really feeling blessed right now with all the love I'm feeling from family, friends and even complete strangers lately. It's so easy to come here and write thinking that I'm just punching keys for myself, and, really I am, (this has really been good for me), but I sometimes forget that others are reading and looking on with me and for that I thank you. Thank you for not judging me, thank you for applauding me or just nodding in understanding. Your support means so much and I guess I just wanted to thank you for getting to know me a bit better in this way while I am getting to know myself as well. Does that make sense? Hope so! When I was a little girl I used to practice thank you speeches while in the bath tub using shampoo bottles as my microphone, (didn't we all???...please say yes!) and I'm starting to feel a bit cheesy like that right now so I think I'll call this the end of my post! :) Have a great Friday!